Do you need money? Well if you're like most people in America, you do. Let's face it. It's expensive to run a household these days. Insurance seems to get more expensive every year. The utility bills keep going up. The car keeps breaking down. There's never enough cash, is there? Even folks with good paying jobs often have a hard time paying for everything. Maybe you do not even have a job. Maybe you lost your job last year. Whatever your situation, I have no doubt that cash is hard to come by.

How wonderful would it be if you could get a part time job that's completely satisfying? Well, don't worry, it can be done. Here's the way to make it happen. Start your own part time weekend business in your spare time.

Perhaps you've read about the stories of people starting a home based business in their off time on the weekend. Maybe you've thought about doing it yourself. Perhaps you're one of the ones who have had some success, and now you are ready to take it to the next level. Maybe you're already an accomplished entrepreneur, and you just want a few fresh ideas. Consider these options, a list of six part time jobs for the weekend to do in your spare time on the weekend}.

1. Making and selling handmade jewelry - Express your creative side. A great business for homemakers. A low cost of entry. You choose your own hours.

2. Pet care - Great if you have pets. You can watch dogs and cats in your house. Pet owners need to go on vacation, too, and they are willing to pay good money for someone to care for their pets. This is a low cost startup. Plus, it is a good option for homemakers.

3. Translation services - Good idea if you speak multiple languages and your English skills are strong. International companies love to outsource their translation requirements. There's a growing demand for the service. You don't need much equipment. All that's needed is a laptop and an internet connection. Good if you can handle staring.

4. Bookkeeping - Flexible hours. Good if you like spreadsheets. Can provide decent income. Clients are often very loyal. You may have to visit your clients at the office occasionally. Well respected occupation}.

5. Hospitality - You can host parties and formal events. Awesome if you like to entertain. Wonderful if you like to cook. Most work is done at home. Frequently pays very well, especially if you do a wedding.

6. Hosting lingerie or makeup parties - Let your social skills shine. Cool business for stay at home moms. A low cost of startup. You could expand this into a very large business}.

There you have it, six part time jobs to do on the weekend. But, don't stop there. You can find many more resources on the internet to help you find a great weekend job, working for yourself. So, why don't you give it a go? You have nothing to lose. Work for a boss you love. Work for yourself! Start getting up early on the weekend, not because you have to, but because you want to!

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